Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Michigan During the Wintertime

Michigan is a northern state and one of the most exciting ones at that. If you’re ever in the area, you’ll find this location to be ripe with plenty of places to visit and things to do, whether you like winter sports, or you’re more interested in old buildings, lighthouses, art galleries, and indoor parks. 

One of the best things to do in Michigan once you arrive is to check out one of the cozy and relaxing resorts in the region. The Amway Grand Plaza has been one of Michigan’s most romantic getaways since the early 1900s, and other resorts, like the Inn on Ferry Street, are equally famous and stylish, being worth a visit regardless of whether you’re interested in Victorian Era architecture or not. 

Check out one of the many art galleries throughout the state. From pottery to wood crafts to detailed historical nautical prints, you can find just what you are looking for.

Places like the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex and Campus Martius are worth visiting because of the many exciting possibilities they offer when it comes to engaging in various winter sports activities. Ice skating, snow tubing, mushing, sledding and many other enjoyable activities are in store for visitors who are bold and daring enough to visit these places. 

Ever seen snowmobile racing? When you go to Michigan, you’ll have that opportunity as well, at the Annual International 500 Snowmobile Race, where the competition on the 500-mile route is fierce every year, with some snowmobiles even exceeding speeds of 100 mph.