Some of the Must-See Lighthouses Found Near the Great Lakes

Lighthouses are some of the most stunning sights you can visit along the Great Lakes. Whether you visit Lake Huron, Superior or Erie, you can find plenty of beautiful and impressive lighthouses that tell many tales of ships, many of which are captured in beautiful Great Lakes nautical paintings, coming in daringly and being guided through the bad weather, to safety. 

The Point Iroquois Lighthouse in Brimley is one of the most beautiful lighthouses you can come across. Guiding ships through the entryway to St Mary’s River, this lighthouse was constructed in 1855 and it still stands tall, offering some of the most stunning views of Lake Superior that you’ll ever see. 

Another beautiful lighthouse you can visit is the Crisp Point Lighthouse. Part of a stunning and picturesque scene on the shores of Lake Superior, this lighthouse was built in 1904, and is one of the five US lifesaving stations placed around the lake. The lighthouse guides ships through the notorious Shipwreck Valley, where many ships were lost throughout the past century. 

Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse is a privately owned lighthouse that offers access to visitors and is one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in the region. The lighthouse is set against a background of sheer wilderness, having been located on the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore since its construction in the year 1870.