Tips for Using Naval Paintings to Give Your Home A Nautical Flare

Nautical home decorations, including naval paintings and prints to hang on your walls and sea-inspired colors featured on other décor elements are great for creating a nautical-inspired home – here is how to use marine prints in your rooms:

-        Pick the right atmosphere – the sea can be calm and soothing, wild and scary and everything in between. Pick the painting or the print that features the right atmosphere – a sunset over the sea or a romantic and mysterious wreck surrounded by calm waters works best in rooms used for relaxation and daydreaming, while depictions of the angry sea and darker, colder and steelier colors of titanic wall art may work better in spaces where you spend time more actively;

-        Use the theme in your painting as inspiration for decorating the entire room or, why not, for the entire house – hang your naval painting in a focal point and use decorations inspired from it across the room. Navy blue accents, such as throw blankets and ornamental pillows, décor elements inspired by the sea, such as anchors, blue and white curtains, the colors of the sea and vintage lamps that seem to be taken from a wreck and featured on the walls are all great for creating a harmonious and calming design.