The Creative Way to Learn About History: Start Painting It!

If you were like me in school, you probably thought about history as a pretty boring subject. However, as everything, history can show its true value if it’s regarded through the right “lenses.” And there are no better ways to see something than through the eyes of an artist. 

When we look at the figures and dates associated with a battle like the Battle of Hastings, we can’t really imagine the actual scenes and the brutality of war. Also, when we read about kings, treaties and pacts between various allies, it’s hard to imagine how everything went down and where the meetings took place. So history can get boring pretty fast if all you have is information. 

historical paintings - marine art

However, when you start repainting some paintings depicting famous battles, scenes or personalities from history, things will start changing pretty fast. Not only will you feel like you’re actually there, taking part in a historic scene that came to life, but you’ll actually start getting addicted to that feeling. 

Also, painting historic scenes can help you learn the facts and figures a lot more easily too. When the painting is suggestive enough and tells the story of a certain battle or scene quite faithfully, then it’s easy to associate the scene with the information you’ve read in your history book.

Painting historical marine art, illustrations of famous ships, shipwrecks, or battle scenes will also give you historical references and timelines.