Awesome Spots and Sights You Need to See Around the Great Lakes

From cities to beaches and from islands to hiking trails that span for miles, the Great Lakes have just about everything you’d need for an entertaining and relaxing vacation. Some of the following spots will definitely dazzle you, while others will outright amaze you and make you want to plan all your vacations on the beaches of the Great Lakes: 

·       The beach on Lake Michigan will offer you one of the most incredible places in the world for viewing the sunset. Here you can visit with your spouse for a memorable and romantic time spent watching the sunset and enjoying the hospitality of the locals. You may also want to bring some water colors and try a hand in creating a piece of Lake Michigan themed nautical artwork.

·       The Sleeping Bear Natural Lakeshore is one of the best places to go to if you enjoy solitude and long walks. Here you can definitely lose yourself on the 65-mile long shoreline, and you can take some breathtaking photos as well.

·       Finally, the shallow waters of Copper Harbor are a great place for fishing. If you want to relax and avoid the world for a few days, this is just the right place to do it. Even though Lake Superior’s water is not the warmest in the world, you can’t really find a more pristine and eye-catching, naturally beautiful place in the entire area of the Great Lakes.

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